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1.General provisions

1.1. By participating in the project, you agree to these Rules in full.

1.2. The visit exchange service is intended for free advertising of Internet resources.

1.3. Participation in the project does not require mandatory registration.

1.4. It is forbidden to register and use the service to persons who do not agree to follow these Rules.

2. Paid advertising

2.1. Hello friends.! You don't have time or don't want to surf. No problem. You can add your links without surfing, from as little as $1.

3. Advertisers' Responsibilities

3.1. If the advertising campaign is blocked by the Project Administration due to non-compliance of the advertised resource with these Rules, the funds remaining in the advertising budget of the blocked campaign will not be returned.

3.2. The advertiser is responsible for the advertising information, links and texts placed in the project. Any damage, including material damage, associated with an incorrectly placed order, the use of broken or broken links, is not reimbursed.

3.3. Posting links to resources is strictly prohibited:

- destroying a frame with a timer (for surfing);

- sites with a redirect to other sites, including a redirect of the source site (

- related to hacking PC and software;

- containing malware;

- containing viruses and phishing sites/links;

- containing pornography or an abundance of erotic materials;

- sex shops and one-night stand dating boards;

- communities of non-traditional sexual orientation;

- calling for violence, racism, nationalism, immoral behavior;

- political and religious character;

- created to collect donations, except for official funds and help centers;

- with elements of magic, spiritualism, occultism;

- with obvious deceit;

- created "not for people": stuffed with many affiliate programs, pop-up pop-ups, etc.;

- requiring sending paid SMS messages;

- violating the laws of the Russian Federation and CIS countries;

3.4. Advertisers who regularly violate the Rules for advertising, forever lose the opportunity to use our project for advertising.

4. Rights and responsibilities of the Administration

4.1. The project administration is not responsible for the content of advertisements presented in advertising blocks. Remember, before entering your data on any site, carefully read its terms and conditions, check for important subtle lines, for example, at the bottom in small print, and also study reviews about these sites.

4.2. The project administration is not responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of using this service.

4.3. The project administration conducts strict moderation of the advertisements placed in the project for violations of the law, principles of ethics and morality. However, the administration is not responsible for the content of the placed advertisements, including those that can be changed later after passing the verification. The project administration stands for "purity of the Internet", therefore it condemns pornography in the open, does not welcome "garbage" on sites in the form of a large number of pop-up windows and frames.

4.4. The administration reserves the right to change the fee for using the site services, if it deems it necessary and without explaining the reasons for these actions.

4.5. The administration has the right to remove your advertisement at any time without warning and reimbursement of invested funds if it does not comply with the laws of the CIS countries.

4.6. The system and its owners are not responsible for your possible financial losses and are not obliged to compensate for losses in case of unforeseen circumstances or bankruptcy.

4.7. Administration has the right to change this agreement at any time without notice.

5. Prohibited actions

5.1. It is forbidden to use any means of cheating the system. Violation of this rule will result in blocking access to the resource.

5.2. Any insults to the participants and administration of the project are prohibited. Violation of this rule is punishable by blocking access to the resource.

5.3. It is forbidden to place advertising resources that contradict generally accepted moral standards and legislation of the CIS countries. Such links are removed by the administration without warning and without a refund of invested funds.

5.4. It is forbidden to post links to sites (pages) containing viruses or destroying the timer when viewed. Such links are removed by the administration without warning and without a refund of invested funds.

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